Please read below before emailing us or registering


Some of our travel teams will be playing/training this winter. If you are currently on one of our travel teams reach out to your coach to see if your team is working out and/or playing this winter. If so, your coach will provide further instructions on how to register. If you are not on one of our travel teams and interested in travel ball, please email us at


Tryouts for the 2023 Season will happen in January/February of 2023. Registration will open in Q4 2022.

Spring is our big travel basketball season although some of our teams play in other seasons as well, based on player and coach availability.

We usually field one team at every grade level from 4th grade - Varsity for boys and girls. Formal tryouts are held once per year in the January/February timeframe for the Spring season. Players interested in trying out should register and attend at least one of the scheduled tryouts (we usually have two tryouts per team - you only need to attend one but are welcome to attend both).

Players who are selected for a travel team are technically on that team until tryouts the following year. Players may elect to only play in the Spring season or may elect to play in the Spring, Summer and/or Fall, if their team is active.

Generally speaking, the rosters change from season to season due to players having other commitments. This affords new players opportunities in the Summer and Fall seasons. Players who miss the formal tryouts and are looking for a team should email us at We will connect you with the team coach who may offer an "in-practice" out of season tryout.

Most of our travel teams practice 1-2 times per week and play in tournaments and leagues within an hour or so of Purcellville which don't require overnight stays. Occasionally teams will play in more distant tournaments requiring overnight hotel stays.

The costs for travel teams vary based on the number of practices per week, the number and type of competitions entered (leagues, tourneys etc.) and the uniforms the team elects to wear. A ROUGH ESTIMATE of Spring Travel team costs is as follows:

Practices - 2 per week - $250

Tournaments (6)- $225

Practice pinnies - $25

Game uniforms - $100

A total of $600 for a new player who needs a practice pinnie and game uniform. We use the same pinnie and uniform design every year so current and former players can re-use their pinnies and uniforms.