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Welcome to CBC

The Catoctin Basketball Club is a youth basketball organization with the purpose of providing year-round basketball development and competition for boys and girls of all skill levels. CBC is registered with the IRS as a 501.c.3 non-profit organization. No board members are paid for their services. Our goal is to build a community of basketball through fun, character and skill. 


Thank you for your support and flexibility. We live in interesting and challenging times. Providing a fun and responsible environment for our kids is more important than ever.

The Tryouts/Assessments are now complete. The coaches are working through the results with their assistants. Please be patient as we figure out the rosters for 20 teams and the well over 300 players.

Many travel basketball programs are more competitive than middle school or high school teams because there are fewer travel basketball programs, who can take from a larger pool of players. Travel basketball is HIGHLY competitive. It is not “Rec League +”. Many teams play year-round. To just break even in regional travel play, you need the most talented players in the area who are willing to work hard multiple seasons per year. One of our challenges in Western Loudoun is we have a smaller pool of available players to choose from than clubs to the east, and many of our players can’t fully commit to spring travel basketball due to other spring activities. We do our best make up for this with talented and hard-working coaches and players, but all of that requires a lot of dedication. In some grades/genders we may take the best available players and that group may still not be ready for travel play at this time.

As parents, we tend to be less than objective regarding our child’s relative and absolute skill level (myself included). Our coaches don’t have that luxury. They are trying to pull together the best team so that as a group, they can compete regionally. Teams don’t need 10 guards or 10 centers. Even when we have enough players in a particular grade for second and third level teams, there are no local leagues or tournaments where they can play and be competitive. That’s why we provide our CBC rec and skills programs.

I tell you all of this because in the coming days some players will be invited to play on our travel teams and the remainder will be invited to participate in our recreational and skills programs. “Cutting” kids is the absolute worst part of the job for coaches in any sport. We are all parents and know it’s even worse for the player. Please take this opportunity to teach your child some life skills:

  • To the players who don’t make the travel teams this season, DON’T QUIT! There are a lot of reasons why you might not have made the team this season, some out of your control. Work harder, get out in the driveway every day and work on your shot and ball handling. Train and play every chance you get. Get in good shape, run, lift, eat right and play other sports.
  • ‚ÄčTo the players who make their travel teams, be grateful and humble. Keep working hard every day, because there is a kid somewhere out there who wants it more than you and will take your spot if you take your foot off the pedal.

Thanks for your time and support. We’ll be reaching out to you this week with more details.


Tom Burns



posted 02/22/2021


Click HERE or cut and paste this address 


into your web browser to complete the daily health check questionnairre.

This MUST be completed before EVERY event.

posted 09/14/2020

All of CBCs coaches and board members are volunteers. If you would like to help out as a coach or in an adminstrative role (uniforms, marketing, graphic design, equipment etc.) please email us at info@catoctinbasketball.org. Thanks so much! We look forward to hearing from you.

posted 08/17/2019

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posted 11/29/2018
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